Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Thanks to the Dems

I have to offer thanks to the Dems as I was thinking about skipping voting on Tuesday. As I was listening to the Broncos game however I heard one of the most snarky illogical political ads I've ever heard- sponsored by the Dems. This ad reminded me of my duty, not only to vote, but also to attempt to improve our culture, in so far as I can do so. With this in mind I plan to start donating on a monthly basis to the Heritage Foundation, as I view Heritage as one of the groups that is working towards improving and maintaining our culture.

So I thank the Dems for giving me, not only a reason to vote on Tuesday and not be lazy, but a reason to be engaged in the improvement of our culture.

Looking forward to Tuesday. Plan to have a couple of beers and some pizza as I listen to the results on the Hughniverse. Should be interesting.

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