Sunday, September 25, 2011

The End of the Am Ex Death March

For the last several weeks I have been working overtime in order to start getting a handle on my debt. Yesterday I succeeded in finishing my alotted overtime, bringing an end to what I have called the Am Ex death march. The work seemed overwhelming at times, but in the end I think doing it was a good choice. Working the OT allowed me to become more comfortable with my job in general, and the extra funds will help in chipping away at the debt snowball.

In regards to the snowball I am making progress. I have lowered my spending by eatting at home more and out less, and have turned a deaf ear to Amazon ads. I havealso started saving on a monthly basis, which I hope will encourage me as I see the funds rise over time.

Apart from work life goes well enough. I have spent this weekend reconnecting with friends, and today has been spent in regrouping for the week ahead. I am thinking about attending church again, but will probably not be able to start until next weekend or the follwoing. Starting to go again will be helpful I think.