Thursday, October 6, 2011

The below is a post I did to the brushfire list.

Greetings list,

Wanted to see if anyone out there in brushfire land had any strong opinions on the Hermanater. I have been positively impressed by the interviews I've heard and by the Fox News/Google debate performance. Although I think it unlikely he will win, I am buying his book and making a small donation to his site. Is this vain foolishness on my part? Would you donate to a candidate at this early stage in either time or money?

Although I think Cain looks excellent I just don't think he'll get the nod. Unfortunate. At least there's StarBucks.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Found some interesting articles I thought I would share here. First is this which speaks of the killing of terrorists. The point is made that although the recent string of slayings by the U.S. is helpful in battling terrorism there is still a long way to go.

This one talks about the President calling America soft and offering to whip the country into shape. Apart from my dislike of the President's economic policies I am troubled by his request to sacrifice without having a solid goal in mind. Sacrificing to lose ten pounds, or save two hundred dollars a month, or pay off a particular loan makes sense because you have a measurable goal to check your progress against. Sacrificing to rid the world of hunger or help out those less fortunate then yourself as the government defines them is another matter. While one might be willing to do the former, how would we determine the progress? With the latter there is the additional question of why I should be made to be charitable to others. I have just seen to many living off the dole, and the disensentives for people to get back to work once on said dole.

Finally there is this little gem on the problem of evil. Most interesting.