Sunday, October 31, 2010

The IRS Isn't Scary

Got this at work and had to share. Amusing while still being true.

Do you remember trick-or-treating on Halloween when you were 5 years old and some high school kids jumped out in scary costumes? No doubt you screamed,
sent your candy flying and ran home.  

Taxpayers sometimes experience similar feelings when they’re notified the IRS is auditing their taxes. Truth is, we don’t wear scary masks; we don’t jump
out and say, “Boo!” In fact, we’re doing our very best to make the audit process (and customer service in general) professional and not frightening.  

In a new series of educational videos, “
Your Guide to an IRS Audit
,” a string of vignettes explains the examination process. The videos walk taxpayers through a typical audit from start to finish. They can see firsthand
the experience is very straightforward. SB/SE is at work creating a similar series to explain the collection process. 

But we can’t rely on videos alone. We are each accountable to our own customers. We must explain the actions we are taking and ensure our customers are
treated with respect and understanding.  

If you know someone who has been contacted by the IRS for an audit, send them the video links on While they still may consider an audit unsettling
– maybe a little scary, even – they’ll find out who we really are: skilled, dedicated employees who take pride in delivering the best customer service
we can. 


SB/SE Commissioner 

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