Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall and the Gauntlet

I am very pleased the the weather has finally started to cool, and I can start to believe that I live in a city and not an oven. The smell of smoke in the air, the cool breeze, and the excellent weather always fill me with a sense of expectancy. Never sure what I expect exactly, but every fall it is there.

Social life goes well. Went to Rock Bottom with my dear friend Deanna and her boyfriend Andrew yesterday evening. Great time, between the company and the food.

Started properly on the phones at work yesterday. All in all a pretty good start; although I had forgotten some things since it's been a couple of weeks since I've been on the phones. If yesterday was any indication the days should be tiring but fly by.

The gauntlet also goes well. Although this hare is tempted to take a nap now and again I have thus far been able to maintain my lead (I am as of this writing on day sixteen of the reading plan). The regular reading is helpful for me, as it makes for a good way to wake up in the morning and sustain me during breaks etc. at work.

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