Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Braille Readers Are Leaders

The time for the Braille Readers Are Leaders contest is quickly approaching, and once again I will be involved. The adult contest is a really cool fature that I am glad they are continuing this year. Anyone interested in joining me for a team should e-mail me.

Work continues a pace. On my new schedule, which is okay time wise, but is kicking me from here to next week with the actual being on the floor part. Thank God for the holy brew and gin in the evening. I trust this will get better, and in the meantime I have this ginormous Braille display to use while at work. Got a flu shot today, so am hoping it might leave me with a little more sick leave then otherwise. Here's hoping.

Trying to learn all the ins and outs of my Alva BC640 before the start of the contest, as I'd like to use it. Really a great display, but I very much look forward to the day when electronic Braille is more affordable. Hoping the Braille Wizard by NBP will be a solid step towards affordable electronic Braille, just like the Perkins Braille displays have been.

The National Federation of the Blind

Braille For Everyone

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