Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Humor at work and Shopping at the Temple

Work today was quite the roller coaster- I began the day getting an earful for joking with the customer about the quality of my equipment. I felt this was a simple statement of fact, and the appreciation of the humorous element of this fact would be fine to share with the customer (as that is part of the reason said customer is stuck for such a long period on the phone). Alas this is *not* the case. Considering my employer I wasn't expecting to have customers falling on the floor in laughter, but I found the talking to nonetheless unfortunate. Better to know now, then to have "issues" in the future I suppose.

Calls went fairly well today. My superior was pleased with them. The last one unfortunately involved a grumpy individual who sucked the life out of me over the phone, and then hung up before I could even assist him. *sigh*

So I did what any respectable individual would do- I went to the Temple of Capitalism and bought some Red Bull and chewy chocolate chip cookies. The latter I heated up in the microwave, and the former I made into a Jagerbomb. I also broke down and bought Wal-Mart's version of icyhot, in hopes it will help with the neck. We'll see how it goes.

Looking forward to a quiet evening consisting of books, a hot tub, and watching my favorite actress.


Teresa said...

LOL I've been on the phone the last year & now too. I never thought I'd be in a call center on the phone, how funny life turns out! Hope things are well for you, glad you are enjoying the freedom of Denver!

Blind Paladin said...

Well enough thanks. Sorry to not respond sooner to this comment, but I just noticed it was here. Must change my settings... Hope you are enjoying your work.