Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dracula and work

Yesterday evening I went to see Dracula at the theater, and it was amazing. The acting was excellent (particularly that of the Count and Van Helsing) and the stage effects were well done. The adaptation of the book was almost word for word, and it blended humor and seriousness in such a way as I haven't seen on the stage in a long time.

My only regret is that they cut out the character of Quincy, the brash American from Texas. I have always loved Quincy's character, as it symbolizes for me the American character and the impact it had on the world, even at that time.

Nevertheless, the play was a once in a lifetime experience I will never forget. I strongly suggest seeing it if you have the time and are near to Denver.

After the play Soren, Lora, and I went to a new bar for me, Fresh Craft. The food was excellent (almost as good as the company), and the beer was better. The service was friendly and prompt. I plan to go back as soon as possible, as it looks like an excellent place to huddle oneself in for a few hours. The music was good but not too loud, which is so unique in downtown IMO.

On other fronts the job is rather shaky. Unfortunately, the work I am doing is just not inspiring (unlike the work I did for the CCB, but I don't feel I can afford to resign before next June. Every morning getting out of bed is a struggle, and every night I go to sleep tired and emotionally drained. Perhaps I shall resign anyway, but we will see. I have a new schedule and new manager come Monday, so I am waiting to see how that turns out before making a final call.

Regardless of what happens I intend to stay in Denver. Even with $35 a month for RTD passage the freedom granted by being able to move about the city is wonderful. Colorado Springs, while a beautiful city, simply can't offer the same freedom of movement. THis freedom helps me understand why sighted people love their cars so. Truly the ability to move where ever one wishes is a blessing and freedom I think is taken for granted too often.

I follow with the iced coffee...

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