Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Some Good Economic Articles

I am a Club for Growth supporter and subscribe to their RSS feed. These articles come from there.

First a great article on the need for Republicans to build the future of the party off of the founding principles of the party. This message cannot be driven into the ground, because so many so-called conservatives are still focused on the big government nonsense that have us where we are today.

Another article talks about the rising importance of Economists' blogs. One of my hopes is that with the issues we are currently going through people will be encouraged to educate themselves about good stewardship. Probably wistling in the dark, but it is a dream.

The ROTTEN choice of Obama's trade rep is written on here. I still say there's hope for free trade, because the numbers and facts involving free trade and extremely difficult to argue with from a rational perspective. I don't wish to say there aren't costs. The market isn't perfect, neither is trade, but both free markets and free trade are *MUCH* better then what the government and protectionism offers.

An article talking about the horrid Corperate tax rate in the U.S. and how this impacts business and the economy. I don't understand how perfectly rational people who I like seem to acquire temperary insanity when it comes to the businesses they claim they hate, but in fact feed, clothe, and otherwise provide quality goods and services to them at excellent prices. *sigh* Where is Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal when we need it? For that matter where is Capitalism and Freedom?

One suggestion I really liked in the article was a consumption-based tax. This would provide a true tax on all manner of things while closing many loop holes. Probably never happen, but as above dreaming is nice.

Finally an excellent article on the fact that what we are going through is a government failure, not a market failure. If markets are allowed to function then things go well, but when risk is softened by government intervention, and banks are forced to loan to subprime borrowers in the name of everyone deserves a house whether they can afford one or not, then we have the mess we are currently in.

I follow with the iced coffee and a Braille book...

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