Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Braille links

Below are some links for various items having to do with Braille. I hope this will aid you in finding the best Braille solution for your needs. If you are looking for a longer list, please see the *real* list.

Low Tech:

Looking for Braille paper or writing supplies?

In addition to the classic Perkins Braille writer there is now the Next Generation Brailler. You can also download a ringtone and send an e card celebrating the PNGB.

High Tech

Braille displays are perhaps one of the best inventions to happen to Braille since the Brailler. Talk about portability and useability. One can have one's entire Braille library on a CF or SD card. There are many to choose from, but below are some of the best.


Humanware's Brailliant and BrailleConnect series are some of the finest displays I have ever worked with. Sleek and lightweight with bluetooth, Humanware has really knocked this one out of the park.

G.W. Micro:

G.W. Micro has started distributing the SyncBraille display. Although not as advanced as Humanware or Freedom Scientific products, this display nevertheless provides quality access to electronic Braille. The simple layout makes grasping the workings of this device very straightforward.

Freedom Scientific:

The Focus and PM series of Braille displays are very nicely done. The hot keys and wizwheels, along with a crisp Braille output, make these displays one of the best. Too bad FS seems so intent on not playing nicely with others.


Maker of the Alva BC640, a truly amazing device- top of its class, with plug and play accessibility. This is really as good as it gets in Braille displays.


The National Federation of the Blind:

The NFB is currently conducting a Braille literacy campaign and is a strong supporter of Braille.

National Braille Press:

In addition to publishing books and selling them at the price the sighted public would pay for its books, NPB is also doing much to celebrate the 200th birthday of Louis Braille. Be sure to check out there monthly free Braille article and portabooks.

American Printing House for the Blind:

Oldest publishing house for the blind in the country. Need I say more?

I follow with the iced coffee and a Braille book...

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