Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Economics- the good stuff

Found some great articles on the economy. First if you're not listening to Russ Roberts on Econ Talk then click, click, click, and start listening to great information on the economy.

There is a great entry by Larry Cutlo on the Fed's massive interest rate cut. I myself am looking to refinance my loan on Colorado (a rental property I own), as I believe both the rental market will go up in 2010, and the value of land while high will not drop to zero.

Also an outstanding article on the importance of free trade and the need for Obama to clear up where he stands on this important issue for economic development for the U.S. and the world.

NRO writes about the farse that is the TS's bail out plan. Bad faith is the term I would use for the absurd drive towards nationalization that the TS has taken.

An editorial in the WSJ talks about how progressive economic policies spell death to our standard of living and to our economy. Extremely valid points. Another article talks about how recession becomes depression. Fiscal education has never been a strong point for many Americans, and it is my hope that Americans will take the opportunity of the current issues facing our country to educate themselves on the facts of basic economics, both personal and policy wise.

The Club for Growth states its disgust with pork and the impact Obama's spending plans will have if allowed to continue. I just don't understand why people think the government is smarter then the market. YEARS of history have shown the opposite to be true.

I love this article which points out the rubbish of a non judgmental thought process, particularly when one considers it in regards to economics. The point about the horse industry is well taken.

I follow with the iced coffee and a Braille book...

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