Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bailing Out Santa, amongst other things

This past Friday I converted from the Republican Party, which I have been part of for as long as I could vote, to the Libertarian Party. I did this because I am tired of offering my support, time, and money to a party that claims to be conservative socially and financially, but is anything but. At least with the Libertarians I can agree with what they strive for. God knows it's *TONS* better then anything the Dems are offering, though this gives me hope for the USTR at least. Keeping fingers crossed.

Also this interview with Santa on his need for a bail out from the Club for Growth is one of the most amusing things I have ever seen. I laughed for nearly three solid minutes as it went on.

Also this feed to the Cafe Hayek Blog is well worth adding to your rss list. Additionally this post by Russ Roberts points out well the issues of tax policy and the housing issues we are currently facing. Cutlo comments on the pros and cons of the current errors of President Bush.

I follow with the iced coffee and a Braille book...

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