Thursday, December 4, 2008

Plug and Play Braille Displays Group Started on Facebook

In order to assist with increasing braille literacy through access to electronic braille I have started the group Consumers for Windows Driver Based Braille Displays on Facebook. If you wish to join please go to Facebook and find us through the search box.

The name may change, as the end goal of the group is to lobby for plug and play accessibility in all braille displays. The means to this end are irrelivent. With plug and play displays freedom will be gained for all display users regardless of which screen reader they use, and subsequent access to electronic braille (particularly books ) will be increased.

You can also go here to support the braille literacy campaign through self education about braille and methods to help educate others. Also the National Braille Press is commited to selling Braille books to customers at the same price their sighted counterparts would pay. They do so through donations, so please feel free to support their great work. They also have a focus on electronic Braille, as many of their titles can be obtained in a portabook format. Very worthy of support!

I follow with the iced coffee…

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