Monday, January 5, 2009

First Post of the New Year

I found this on National Review and it is a riot! Good to laugh a bit during this time. For those unaware my wife has taken a short full time job in Littleton that entails her being away from home pretty much all the time between now and early April. I miss her already (she left this afternoon) and am eager for the three months to be past. This is why I am reading the National Review at 4:47am- hard to sleep without my beloved here.

Also this describes well why I view with disgust those who will not look at both sides of an issue or take into account small things like facts.

Sueanne and I spent New Year’s Eve quietly at home, a very enjoyable way of bringing in the New Year (as loud drunken parties aren’t much on the agenda these days). We celebrated our second wedding anniversary early on the second and third at Cripple Creek where we enjoyed gambling, food, and the room. This week I have my first AT client, and am attempting to enjoy a better year this year then last.

My first post of the new year would not be complete without this gem from Dave Barry reviewing 2008. I found out he is a Libertarian, which I found most cool. His colum feed can be found here.

I also have to include this about wrapping paper from around Christmas time. Made me laugh so hard I thought it deserved inclusion despite the late date. As did the below.

What happened was, I slid off the chairlift and went back down the mountain very fast.
Q. What do you mean by ``very fast''?
A. I mean that, because of the Theory of Relativity, after a few seconds I had traveled in time back to 1963, and was still picking up speed when I penetrated deep into the woods.
Q. How deep did you penetrate?
A. One of the trees later bore my child.
Eventually I learned that the best tactic for skiing is: Never go DOWN the mountain. Always go SIDEWAYS, which involves less gravity. --Full Article

I pray for the persecuted.

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