Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Environment from the bottom up

I read this article and it reminds me of the fundamental difference between those who think all problems can be solved from the top down, and those who think problems are best solved from the bottom up. I am of the latter camp, and so view this as a good thing. The whole let's shake down the "rich" countries makes no sense. I believe the issues of our environment can best be solved through the private sector, and by this I do not mean a government throwing lots of money at their favorite company. What I mean is the private sector on its own making the changes necessary for a clean environment. Apple has done it, so has Google and Microsoft.

My point is that I believe problems of any sort, including environmental ones, can best be solved through volentary means. I recycle, buy Dr. Bronner's Soap and work to use less energy from Xcel. None of these things happen because I am forced to do them, indeed I would resent it if they were. They come from my love for the environment, and my desire that I and others will be able to enjoy it into the future. I hope that others see the importance of volentary action, whether it be in regards to the environment, or charity, or eatting habits.

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