Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fit as a Fox

For those who don't know I am sometimes called a fox. This is no doubt due to my silver tongue. In an attempt to keep me on the ball as it were with my physical health goals I have determined to start blogging about my work outs over the course of a week. This will include generally what I have done and what I have eatten good or bad. Although the past eight months or so have been great with my overall progress on being fit as a fox, the last month has been problematic with an ankle injury. I am hopping back onto the treadmill regularly, and have started weight lifting. We will see how I progress.

For this week 11-11/11-16 I made it on the treadmill three times. The first two were at 3.5 mph 5% incline for 35 mins, and 3.0 mph at 2% incline for 10 mins. Today was 3.5 mph at 5% incline for 40 mins, and 3.0 mph at 2% for 10 mins.

I lifted weights twice this week, doing three sets of 15 with 10 pound weights. These included military presses, butterflies, bench presses, and curls.

I did planks twice, 2 for 30 seconds each, and 4 for 30 seconds. I hope to improve on this as time goes by.

I appreciate the support in this area of my life, as I believe being fit is an important part of having a healthy active lifestyle.

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