Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Some thoughts on Liberalism

I had a conversation on line earlier this week with a Liberal who requested I stop the hatemongering on my Facebook page. Although I will post what I consider humorous jabs at my political opponents I have not to the best of my knowledge posted downright hateful items. I have yet to respond to a Liberal's argument with you are stupid and fat as a whale, a response a conservative friend of mine got on a White House FB post. Nevertheless I thought it might be helpful to post here why I disagree with Liberalism, and why I respond the way I do to it.


My basic concern, in politics, religion, and life is truth. Fundamental, absolute truth. If you do not agree that there is such a thing, then I doubt we can have a reasonable conversation about anything other then the mundane. BTW that Apple gift card of yours? Yeah I'll take that without asking. Think that's wrong? Then you might reconsider your thoughts on absolute truth.

The Constitution

since I have this belief in absolute truth I subsequently think laws mean what they say. You subsequently cannot in my mind read into a law what you want it to say. I believe a reading of the constitution's 10th amendment clearly gives the non specific powers listed above to the states or people. One might think this absurd, that we should have an all-powerful government. Fine, change the constitution, or tear it up, but don't try and claim that the powers you want to grant to the federal government can be found in it when they are not.


I remember the immense disappointment I felt when Bush chucked the free market under the bus in late 2008. I actually got a Libertarian Party membership because I was so disappointed. Having said that it disappoints me even more when I see friends who would rant to no end about the evil George Bush, cry to the hills and to the limit of my ears endurance about how he was taking over the world and was a warmonger. Yet when Obama does something similar, or worse, there is not a peep from these same friends. Where is the outrage? Where is the desire to protect basic civil rights? This points out the flaw, both on the right and left, that if my guy does it then it's okay. The trouble with Liberals is that they seem to genuinely believe that I should listen to them rant about Bush, and take it as granted that their guy will take care of me. Forgive me, but where is the debate?

Obama Insurance plans/scandals

This brings me to another point. When Bush had scandals, or Ronald Reagan for that matter, Liberals were all over it like white on rice. Yet when there are scandals in the Obama era I hear that we don't know all the facts yet. That we need to respect the office of President. Although I can agree with the latter this respect does not in my mind force us to grant him a free pass until he is out of office, indeed the importance of his position makes it all the more important to hold his feet to the fire. As for the former point is the fact that such things as NSA, IRS, Benghazi, etc. etc. not concerning even with the facts we know thus far?

Emotional Arguments

When one disagrees with the President on a social or economic policy he is called a racist. When one disagrees with an entitlement mentality and wants to cut social programs then he is called cruel and lacking in compassion. When one opposes abortion based on the concept that it is murder he is called a hater of women. These arguments far from putting forward a positive vision for the future, merely rests on emotionalism. Although I can understand the pull of these arguments, they do not address the issue at hand, nor in fact are they true. The unwillingness of Liberals to look at facts, to have a reasoned and rational argument, and to deal with reality rather then wishes is the primary reason I might be Libertarian at times, but never ever Liberal. Liberals want to tax the rich, claiming that it will solve our debt problem, but if one looks at the numbers it doesn't come close to doing this. What is the response to this statement? You're obviously in for big business, why can't you care about the little guy?

Liberal Math

This emotionalism ties into what I call Liberal Math. This is math that says 2 + 2= 3.9992 once the niceness factor is added in. I fundamentally disagree with this, as 2 + 2= 4, and that is that. The problem of Liberal Math crops up again and again. In budgets and in programs both foreign and domestic. Saying everyone should have a house of their own and that it is a right doesn't make houses any less expensive. Claiming that everyone should be kind to each other doesn't make it so. Wishing for results, and fudging the numbers to match your inner reality doesn't change the real facts of life.


Tolerance means dealing with each other, it does not mean agreeing with each other. I am more then happy to discuss political disagreements with anyone, but just because I deal with my political opponents does not mean I subsequently have to somehow put forward that I really agree with them in the end. This seems to be a mistaken impression of some who call for this trait in others. I hear it particularly from Liberals when I have a valid point on their fantasy. Oh you might be right but you are a creep because you should be tolerant of others. Really? I call that tolerance bull.

Fundamental Values

I believe that rights are negative not positive. That means that as opposed to having a right to something I believe you have the right from something. This fundamental view on rights puts me at odds with big government fans of any party. I don't think the poor have a right to housing, or food, or clothing. I don't believe that people have the right to keep a job, or live a certain lifestyle, or be treated in a certain way. I do believe they have the right to be free from fraud and protection from force. I believe America was founded on these latter principles, and that they are what makes our country the greatest nation on earth ever. I do not think we subsequently ignore the black marks in our history, but neither does it mean we do not recognize all the many blessings of our country or when we have done right. Utopia will never exist on this earth through the means of man, which is why I think the checks and balances found in the constitution and in our manner of government are so important. If we were all angels then no government would be necessary. As it is we are not, and anyone promising universal peace, or health, or caring from others is selling something.


I believe in freedom, and it seems to be Liberals wish to take this away, all for the common good of course. Why can't we have that soda or burger? Because it will make you fat and drive up healthcare costs. Why can't I talk about my religious beliefs as a basis for my political views? Because you might offend the Muslims, or those without religion. Why must I be forced to recycle instead of doing so voluntarily? Because we have to save the planet and this is how we're going to do it. I long for Hayek and Von Mesis. They don't promise a utopia on earth, but that comforts me greatly.

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