Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Anniversaries, Braille, and the Holidays

Today would have marked the fourth anniversary of Sueanne and my being wed. Unfortunately due to choices last year this is not the case today, but I am filled with sorrow at what was lost, particularly as I listen to this. I keep thinking things will get better, and they gradually are, but there is still a long way to go. I ended up taking a personal day at work, as when I got up I gathered quickly that I was in no state to deal with tax payers, whether on the phone or otherwise, so thought it best to have a down day. This has proven to be a good choice, as I have used the time to heal up a bit and recharge the batteries.

Yesterday was Louis Braille's birthday. He would have been 202. I cannot express what a difference Braille has made in my life, from labeling items around the house, to using it at work and at play, Braille has enriched my life as a blind person. I have to thank the NFB in general and the CCB and Tom Anderson in particular for giving me the drive to complete the learning that was done in high school with Sara Henry. The Warden got me started and the CCB completed a skill set I use every day to my benefit and enjoyment. Celebrating Braille's birthday in this context makes alot of sense, and I hope you will join me in doing so, if belatedly. :)

Finally a quick update. During the holidays I went to Colorado Springs and saw tons of family- reconnecting with my step brother Tim and his delightful soon-to-be wife and song was a particular highlight. I trust now that he and his family are back in Colorado we might see a bit more of each other. Overall Christmas was most enjoyable, and I survived the subsequent week at work with little dmage.

New Year's Eve was enjoyable, thought less so. My local supplier of adult beverages apparently took the week off, so I was left with a bottle of cherry wine to entertain my guests. Then the gods of weather diecded that making Denver into a frozen wasteland the day of New Year's Eve was a good choice. So a party that was supposed to be anywhere from 5-15 people was reduced to myself and the Bald God. Fortunately we had a good time of it, and I am eagerly looking forward to my upcoming birthday party.

Wishing all a happy new year.

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