Thursday, January 27, 2011

Officially Too Much of a Good Thing

So I have been jesting with friends that since moving to Englewood I have bought enough alcohol from the local store to allow the hard working Ethiopian who owned said store to buy a yacht and take a cruise. Little did I realize that such jests come back to bite us in the most sensitive places in the most unpleasant ways.

I had a small hint that my brave Ethiopian might be taking his time on enjoying those crystal beaches and their delightful amenities when he disappeared shortly after Christmas. I was further confronted with cold hard reality when three weeks later I stopped by after work (thank you Mr. and Mrs. non Taxpayer) for some gin (that nectar of the gods) and lo the door was shut.

Not one to take reality sitting down I ventured forth again the day after my birthday, and finally reality began to slowly sink in when the Bald God and I found the door closed at 4:30pm on a Tuesday.

One would think at this point I would have given up, but I am a faithful soul (or driven, take your pick), so tonight I stride over after work, and finding the door closed again I go in to the next store over. The individuals telling me that my Ethiopian had indeed departed for the crystal sands, never to return, finally has driven the point home.

So what do I do? Ordered from the Liquor Barn.

Victory is always mine.

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