Friday, November 12, 2010

Lunch and other random things

I had the opportunity to enjoy lunch with some colleagues at Slebies today, and it was a treat to say the least. A *fantastic* sandwich (the Denver Zoo) and better company made for a most outstanding experience. I feel better about my job as I look at my colleagues and the possibilities for the future. Although I feel as if I know little about my job (which has been increased by the recent changes in the IRM) I believe these may be overcome. I certainly hope so, as I am coming to enjoy my work more and more. If nothing else it provides me with an endless source of humor as I listen to customers rant about the unfairness of the IRS, while not paying their taxes.

Victory will be mine, but I question if it will be so for the country as I interact daily with people who don't want to pay their taxes. We will see I suppose. In the meantime there is Gin, iced coffee, and beautiful women to fill the void.

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