Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Irresponsible in Action

I just read the linked article and find it extremely unfortunate that some are attempting to defend the irresponsible behavior of former home owners. The concept that because these people bought more home then they could afford subsequently puts them on the same level as the person on the street is simply absurd. This family thought they could afford the home they got a loan on. They were wrong. As opposed to accepting their error and trying to get on with their life they try and ruin it for a family who has been wiser with their finances.

The fact that this behavior is defended at all disgusts me. Let the irresponsible rant and moan all they like about mean things like the interest rate and requirements to follow through on their commitments, but they should have enough respect for others, and more importantly for themselves, to not try and destroy what they cannot have.

This shows, if indeed more proof is needed, of the need for the thought of Ayn Rand in modern America.

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