Friday, February 13, 2009

GOP finally acting like the GOP

It's very nice to finally see the GOP starting to act like the GOP again. This story speaks about the justifiable scorn being heaped on the porkibus bill being passed by the Congress, despite the lack of bi-partisonship and the lack of much that will actually help the economy.

We can also all breath a sigh of relief, as the government is once again here to "help" of the American people, this time on housing. Seeing as the government is well known for it's artful handling of the economy, not only in this country but far more in places like China and Russia, and as we have millions of people being tossed out of their houses to dwell on the streets because of mean corperations who want to be paid for their loans (a shocking and horrid idea) this makes total sense.

On a more serious note I am praying that we can survive this foolishness. Capitalism works best because it allows individuals, who understand what's best for them, to make choices instead of the government. Government economies have been tried before, and we see the standard of living there. That's what I want baby! Give me government issued rice and rubber shoes to wear. Hooah!

I am going to fix some beautiful capitalist coffee I bought and read some Cafe Hayek. I think the Sword of Truth series, The Road to Serfdom, and Capitalism the Unknown Ideal should be manditory reading in schools and in life. Do alot more for the everyday useful knowledge of people at least, so perhaps we could discuss solutions as opposed to what's "fair".

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