Friday, February 19, 2010

You Might be an Entombed Addict If...

For those of you unaware Entombed is a wonderful blind friendly version of hack developed by Jason Alan. The development period is soon to end, but if you wish you can purchase an early order through the link above. At $40 it's a steal.

On the Entombed Goodle Group the below, which I found most amusing, was posted and I wished to repost it here. Regarding number six- I will never think of or eat at a KFC, Chick-fli-a, or have chicken nuggets without grinning broadly.

You know you are an entombed addict when...

1. You shatter all the mirrors in your house...just in case

2. You list all your possessions as crude, poor, dubious, decent, good, great and legendary.

3. You made the mistake of labelling your spouse, "Dubious" outloud.

4. While waiting at the doctors office, you decide to check the "battle time line" in the clipboard sitting on the secretary's desk

5. You send a letter of correction to National Geographic telling them that the ambusher snake is actually the most poisonous.

6. At Kentucky fried chicken, you insist on getting the 12 piece "cockatrice" meal.

7. You just leave garbage laying around the house because you are sure the scavengers will pick it up after you leave.

8. You have a heated argument with your spouse about whether their mother is a hobgoblin or a bugbear.

9. You have trouble cutting up your steak with a knife and fork because your "dual wield" ability isn't high enough.

10. You end everything you say with the dramatic speaking of the word "...entombed"

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