Friday, August 2, 2013

Prayer Requests

Some prayer requests from VOM which I wanted to share.

"Prayer is the pulse of life; by it the doctor can tell what is the condition of the heart. The sin of prayerlessness is a proof for the ordinary Christian or minister that the life of God in the soul is in deadly sickness and weakness." - Andrew Murray

"praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints" - Ephesians 6:18

VOM-USA Prayer Update for August 2, 2013 On Thu. Aug 01 2013 at 03:11 PM Moderator wrote: India--New Amendment Could Increase Consequences for Christian Evangelism Source: VOM Sources

2 Corinthians 2:14-17

A proposed amendment to the "Freedom of Religion" law in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh poses a threat to potential converts to Christianity. The amendment stipulates a mandatory one-month advance notice to the district magistrate by both a prospective convert and the minister who wishes preside over a conversion ceremony. It also provides more stringent punishment (a three- to four-year prison term) and heftier fines for non-compliance. The district magistrate and any investigating police officer are charged with ensuring that no conversion happens by force or allurement, mandates that would allow them to impede true conversions. Christians are concerned this amendment grants too much power to local authorities, who are likely to intimidate those of a minority religion and hinder genuine conversions. It will also encourage the harassment of Christian pastors and anyone seeking to convert.[/quote]

Vietnam--Recent Convert Tortured and Imprisoned Source: VOM Sources

2 Corinthians 4:8-11

A new Christian, "Bao," is being pressured by village authorities to recant his faith, a VOM worker reports. After Bao and his family converted to Christianity four months ago, authorities told Bao he could not live in the village and that he could not use or purchase any products like food, clothing or candles from the village as long as he continued in his beliefs. They repeated their threat three times. After Bao was baptized, on July 16, his brother beat him and had him arrested. Bao was jailed for two days and was beaten and shocked in his eye with electric wires. Police fined Bao $250, which had to be paid before he could be released. His wife was unable to go and find someone to loan them the money because she is blind. Instead, Bao was released on the condition that he return in two days with the full payment. VOM is providing Bao with money to pay the fine. Please pray for the provision and protection of Bao and his family.[/quote]

Iran--Guards Harass Christian Prisoners Sources: VOM Sources, Mohabat News

2 Timothy 1:11-12

Prison guards raided the cells of Christian prisoners in Iran recently, damaging facilities and stealing personal belongings. On July 18, 150 prison guards raided a ward in Evin prison in Tehran, pulled prisoners from their cells and began searching. During the search, guards broke and stole prisoners' belongings. They also damaged facilities in the cells, including cooling systems and electrical wiring. Some of the Christian prisoners in the ward are serving sentences of eight years for their religious activity. Shortly afterward, guards raided the cell of Christian prisoner Behnam Irani, who is being held in Karaj, Iran, and treated him similarly. He has been in prison since March 2010.[/quote]

Bangladesh--VOM Project

Pray for those involved in a project teaching discipleship and vocational training in the trade of tailoring to persecuted Christians so that they can be self-supporting.[/quote]

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