Monday, February 11, 2013

Google Car as Savior?

I read this article today on driverless cars. Although I too have hope for the driverless car, I found the tone of the woman quoted in the article as highly disappointing. If someone is delaying their life because they can’t drive I would suggest they are missing out. There are some who are in a situation where public transit isn’t available, and thus must rely on family, friends, or a cab to get around. The important thing is not whether there is public transit available, but whether people have the attitude to go forth and conquer as much as possible in their situation. I think what troubled me most was the idea that this attitude wasn’t present in the people being talked about, and until the driverless car comes about they have a reason to have this lack. Give me a long white cane and a means of getting to where I’m going, and if it’s important enough to me I am there despite the extra troubles of getting there.

I eagerly await robotic cars, and look forward to cruising down main street, but in the interim I will live my life as fully as possible.

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