Sunday, February 20, 2011

Music, TIPS, and Unions

After surviving another week in the trenches I have enjoyed a relaxing weekend- yesterday was spent on the couch and baking and today I went to a friend's recital. The latter went extremely well, and I got to interact with some friends. All in all a great way to prep for the week.

I also had an amusing experience the other week. I had gotten home and consumed a bit much of the fermented juniper berry. Now some would have gone on Apple's web site and bought a new computer. I on the other hand go to the Treasury's web site and buy government debt. *sigh*

Finally I am following with interest the happenings in Wisconcen. I find the Union's demands completely unreasonable- gasp you mean we have to start *paying* for our retirement?! How unfair! How mean!

Obviously they have never heard of interest rates or debt either. I do wish the economic illiterate and those with a victimhood entitlement mentality would whine and bitch less and do more. You can read an article with such whining here.

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