Saturday, August 7, 2010

Surviving the Week and Dancing Through Life

To ctach everyone up who might come across this blog I have recently over the course of the past month been hooked on Red Bull, Fan Fiction, and Jager Mister. I am very pleased to note that I made it through a long week. Training goes well at work and I will yet call down fire and lightning from the sky on the customer; nevertheless, still working on getting a handle on things.

Life overall goes well. This week I was hooked on fan fiction, particularly that of Harry Potter as provided by the Lady of Darkness. I was also joined by her for coffee at Mile High, which was a highlight of the week. My Bald God stopped by as well, and he and I had the most amusing conversation I have ever had with him. Unfortunately the details of said conversation are sealed in the confessional, but it along with Ms. Todd helped me through a rough week.

Looking forward to the rest of the month. In addition to keeping the social life alive a good friend is returning from her travels (yay), and another is leaving for home (:(). My loyalty to the iPhone continues, but I think it will be awhile until I acquire a Mac- particularly as long as Serotek continues to be the dynamic company it has been up to this point. I am also taking up writing- just a bit here and there, but I hope it will improve my overall skill and perhaps provide some entertainment (at my expense or otherwise) to those with whom i share it.

Finally I find it interesting how my life has willingly been given to Google. I use gmail, Google Voice, and even this blog is written on a Google platform. Now if only their phones would involve built in accessibility Apple might have a run for its money.

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