Friday, January 1, 2010

My New Year Resolutions

Although I don't normally do new year resolutions it might come as a surprise that I am starting down that path. The basic idea is to resolve to do things that will make a difference, but not be so amazingly difficult that there is no way I will actually accomplish them (e.g. lose 30% of my body fat by March, donate $5,000 to the National Federation of the Blind, or plant a forest in my backyard). I believe the following to be both practical and hopefully helpful for myself and those around me.

*- I will have $5,000 in savings by the end of next year.

This is obvious considering my past posts on finances- this safety net will be most helpful and should be a good foundation for additional growth. This does not include investments in I Bonds or Munies btw, just solid cash to call upon if needed.

*- I will continue to grow the Colorado Springs Chapter of the NFB.

Again an obvious one, yet one that can be overlooked. Although Sueanne and I put in time here I believe there is more room to grow, much more, and I am eager to see 2010 be the year the chapter gets its feet back under it properly. If you are itnerested we can be found on Facebook, just search for us.

*- Green my lifestyle by planting a tree, conserving energy wherever possible, and by drinking shade grown or fair trade coffee.

Although no green nut (I am a solid global warming sceptic and think State of Fear describes well the nuttiness in the green movement) I do believe conserving energy and taking care of the environment are worthy goals. Saving energy is good for the pocketbook and preserving what we have allows us to enjoy it later. I have already started on this goal to a certain extent with the coffee and the energy. More left to do however.

*- I will update this blog at least twice a month.

As many know my blog is my primary way of letting friends know what's happening with me when I am going insane- busy or otherwise. Thus I will update this twice a month to let folks know I ma still alive and with it. As you may of noticed I have taken to posting interesting articles and random thoughts to my Twitter account so if you find my articles interesting you may wish to follow me there.

I hope this new year is prosperous for you and yours.

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